About Us

The NS CASHEW COMPANY was established in 2004 by Mr.E RASHEED,who is a trader of cashew kernels of different grades. He belongs to the third generation cashew industrialist having over 10 years exposure to the present line.

As a qualified, highly experienced young business man Mr. Navas Rasheed, Son of Mr. E Rasheed, is a talented youngster from a reputed family. He had the rarest opportunity to get exposed to cashew industry at a very young age. He is very conversant in all aspect of the cashew industry, right from procurement of raw cashew nut, processing and marketing.

Inherited wisdom & knowledge coupled with hard earned experience put him on fast track in understanding cashew processing and its phases to achieve proficiency in cashew processing, trade & process technology.At present company have regular supplies to USA, UK, Netherlands, Norway, Thailand and Middle East. He spends most of his time in the process area ensuring high standard and maintain at every process step of the product

NS CASHEW COMPANY is a privately owned company with the purpose to export cashew nut kernels from India. We are a family owned company belonging to a group established in 2004, which is involved in trading cashew nut kernels worldwide.

Benefits of Cashew

Cancer Prevention

Heart Health

Hair and Skin Health

Bone Health

Good for the Nerves

Prevent Gallstones

Weight Loss